Folding double pedaleador

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If you want to get your legs and arms into shape but don't have time to go to the gym, don't miss the opportunity to acquire the pedaleador folding double! From now you can strengthen the muscles in your limbs while you are comfortably seated on the sofa. This static pedaleador is adjustable in height (3 positions). In addition, it has 2 regulators intensity (top and bottom) so you can adapt the pedalling resistance to your needs.

This Unit is ideal for gift giving to the elderly with problems of circulation, or muscle stiffness. Its design makes it very easy to assemble and store, since it is folding. Includes: screws for installation, 1 wrench 1 wrench to adjust the height and 1 Allen wrench.


  • Measures folded approx.: 104 x 24 x 40 cm
  • Height approx.: 91 cm
  • Intermediate height approx.: 87 cm
  • Minimum height approx.: 84 cm
  • Width approx.: 40 cm
  • Maximum depth approx.: 52 cm
  • Minimum depth approx.: 44 cm
  • Steel structure
  • Approx. weight: 3,400 kg
  • Non-slip handlebars



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