Abdominal bench with tensors

ABDO Trainer Twist
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Buy ABDO Trainer Twist at the best price. Not to fight over trying to lift the neck and back doing abdominal. Simply sit back, relax and... to swing! Your back and your neck will be supported comfortably in the back while this will give you strength to the balance. You will not fall and will get a full Abdominal workout to lie down and get up!

The traditional abdominal exercises much tired, evil and even end up injuring yourself can do many things. Results can be achieved much faster with the apparatus of abdominal ABDO Trainer Twist. A piece of sports equipment that greatly strengthens your abdominal muscles in a short time and that will also enjoy training. Sit in the abdominal machine, swing from one side to another, enjoying the relaxing movement and strengthens your abdominal muscles almost as in a game, doing a variety of exercises.

ABDO Trainer Twist resistance effect upward and downward, so that your abdominal muscles are trained optimally. You can individualize the training with three tapes of resistance of different thickness. Now you can buy at the best price an exercises such as gym machines. It includes tensioners to work the upper zone. To you expect? Buy it now and get a few spectacular muscles!


  • ABDO Trainer Twist
  • Assembly instructions
  • Tensors / top elastic straps
  • Excludes DVD and nutrition guide



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