Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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With the amazing KomoBot smart robotic vacuum cleaner you can clean the floor automatically. The KomoBot is fully independent and doesn't require your presence to work. Just switch it on and it will move cleaning the floor. The Komobot smart robotic vacuum cleaner combines different movements to clean the entire floor. Thanks to its sensors, the KomoBot smart robotic vacuum cleaner changes direction when it hits an obstacle (tables, chairs, columns...). The KomoBot gets around the obstacles and continues cleaning without leaving anything to clean.


  • Completely automatic. Just switch on and it will clean the whole floor
  • If it hits an obstacle, it changes direction and continues cleaning
  • Can reach even the most difficult places. No more staying on your knees to clean under the beds!
  • The dirt collected is stored in a deposit that is easy to open and clean (no refills needed). No bags, no filters!
  • KomoBot is a smart robotic vacuum cleaner that moves in circles and goes over the edges leaving everything clean
  • KomoBot vacuum cleaner comes with the instruction manual in Spanish, a high capacity battery and battery charger 
  • Battery range: Approx. 30 minutes. Battery type: Ni-Mh 14.4V, 800 mAh
  • Measures: Width: 30cm - Height: 10cm
  • Colour: Red
  • Power: 25V
  • Charger: 16.8V, 300mAh
  • Capacity of the filth tank: 0.14L


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