To use these tools fully, you must check 'Enable database Update tools' in the Configuration panel.

Synchronize media to VirtueMart

Uploads your media to the paths:
Media product url: images/stories/virtuemart/product/
Media category url: images/stories/virtuemart/category/
Media manufacturer url: images/stories/virtuemart/manufacturer/

You can change these urls in the config settings.

Usually you need this only when you changed the automatically resized thumbnail size, or for shops installed originally with a version lower than 2.0.22. This command deletes all resized folders and create them new. During the process the automatically thumbnail creation is deactivated. Also all entries of the thumbnail urls are deleted. The reason is that we do not store anylonger the default.


Please use those tools only if you understand what you are doing. The tool install or if necessary updat tables is usually safe to use. It does the same as the update procedure. The other commands can break your shop or remove all user data completly. This tools are done for developers.
Except the delete all data is also meant for people who want completly uninstall the shop and delete all database data. Please use with caution. When using in a broken live shop make an export of your database first. Disable your joomla debug, it can create trouble for nothing, use the vmdebug option instead.

Data migration from VirtueMart 1.1.x to VirtueMart 2.y.z

max_execution_time 240
Server settings of max execution time
memory_limit 256M
Memory limit of the server
Choose a task for migration

Rewrite order numbers
Use the vm1 order id as vm2 order number
Port shoppergroups assigned to prices
Port Fly pages
Default category layout (browse page) without .php
Default category product layout (flypage) without .php
Write here the new store owner id