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Rumbot Mini robot vacuum cleaner

Sales price 83,55 €

This incredible cleaning robot will come in very useful to clean the soil easily and effortlessly. You can relax and enjoy, or perform other tasks, while Mini Rumbot is responsible for doing the work and let your clean floors. This Automatic vacuum cleaner robot and smart has a very simple operation. Just press the power button and Mini Rumbot will start to move along the ground picking up dirt and reaching the most hidden corners, since its flat design allows you to clean under most furniture. In addition, its front sensors prevent colliding with obstacles, changing direction immediately.

The robot vacuum cleaner Rumbot Mini is fast and very effective on all types of surfaces: parquet, stoneware, marble, etc. It has a central brush and vacuum system. Waste tank capacity is 0.5 L approx. (you can open and easy to clean). It also has turn 360º side brush for corners or difficult access points. In addition, Rumbot Mini does not cause discomfort, since it just makes noise. Measures approx.: diameter 29 cm x height 6.5 cm. Ideal for dust and small debris of dirt. Includes charger and 360 ° replacement brush.
Technical specifications of the robot vacuum cleaner Mini Rumbot:
  • Replaceable rechargeable Ni-MH battery: 7.2 V - 2100 mAh
  • Charger: Input: 230 V - 50 Hz - 100 mA / output: 9 V - 500 mA
  • Time approximate 100 minutes (full load)
  • Intensity: 800 mA


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